Chino is a rasher who appears in Road Rash II. He starts appearing (and commenting on your progress) in level 3. He tends to not attack you unless you attack him.

Road Rash II Manual Synopsis Edit

Born to ride a chopper, this crusty, stinking facecrusher turned to sport bikes so he could compete in road rash events. The most seasoned rider of the bunch, he'll do anything for you if you befriend him; but he'll make life short if you get on his bad side. Legend tells that when he busted out of San Quentin, he hot-wired a police bike and roared into the desert. A one-car chase ensued; and when the cruiser flipped off the road, Chino circled back to the wreckage and put his fist through the windshield. Through the haze of radiator steam, he looked into the blank eyes of the trooper and whispered, "Brother, I'll see you in hell."