Road Rash sprite

Natasha is a rasher who appears in all three Genesis games. She appears in all levels in all three games. She occasionally gives comments in all games.

Road Rash Manual SynopsisEdit

Natasha was born in Arizona, rised in Babylona, but she rides like a bat out of hell. If you attack Natasha prepare for her revenge. Be cool to her if you want some help.

Road Rash II Manual SynopsisEdit

The crown princess of  the circuit, this red-haired beauty has seen it all. She had her first bike  at three. At fifteen she was a regular winner at the local junior circuit, but after a few years in the spotlight she fell into some bad company. She quit racing and supported her boyfriend, who was an up-and-coming Grand Prix phenom. After being indicted on charges of sabatage and reckless endgerment of lives (for allegedlly tampering with bike of her husband's competitor before a race), she went underground, emerging only to bust heads at Road Rash events. She's cool and generous, but if you turn on her you're asking for a world of hurt.