P.E. No. 1 is a British rasher who appears in all Road Rash II and
PE Number 1 1992

Road Rash II Sprite

Road Rash 3. She appears in all five levels of Road Rash II, as well as level 3 onward in Road Rash 3. She comments on your progress throughout, mostly negatively.

Road Rash II Manual SynopsisEdit

She saw her first punk show at five years old. At thirteen she was tattooed black from the waist down. By her eighteenth birthday she had 143 piercings. And after being exiled from the United Kingdom, trafficking arms in Central America, and designing anarchist bumper stickers in Tangiers, this nasty Brit gave herself to the love of her life: violence. Colder than a drawer in a morgue, she'll brutally attack anyone or anything in her way with absolutely no regard to her own personal well being. WATCH OUT!