Warhammer is a rasher who appears in Road Rash II. He starts appearing at level 4, and starts commenting on your progress in level 5. He avoids attacking you unless you deliver the first blow.

Road Rash II Manual SynopsisEdit

San Francisco's hardest hitter, this six foot six 240ib screamer heads the metal band Sock-n-Mouth, whose albums were banned worldwide. His stage show is a modern Gomorrah; and after a week of swallowing blowfish, smearing himself with elephant dung and rolling in razor wire, the Wardude likes to kick back at 180mph and wreak havoc. A crazed-on-life health nut, his high impact, out-of-control agenda has no room for peace of mind, though he was once spotted sitting idly in a deckchair while his kids arranged refrigerator magnets on his forehead.